Near vision telescopes

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Galilei 2.0 GF

This system is ideal for watching television. When used with reading caps this system is ideal for reading printed text (books and magazines, bank statements, television guides, telephone books). Designed for mounting in carrier frame. The basic magnification setting is selected to ensure that age-related shaking does not adversely affect vision. The Galilean system is set at infinity, reading caps are used for reading (see table). Magnification of basic system 2.0 x. Ocular and objective lenses have a high-quality anti-reflection hard coating.

Product Ref Reading Cap Ref Magnification Working Distance Visual Field
1623 16233 1.5x 330mm 130mm
1623 16234 2x 250mm 100mm
1623 16235 2.5x 200mm 80mm
1623 16236 3x 167mm 66mm
1623 16238 4x 120mm 48mm
1623 162310 5x 100mm 40mm
1623 162312 6x 83mm 34mm

Last updated: 06/03/2007

Mobilux Far

Mobilux Far is two products in one - a combination of magnifier and telescope. For distance vision it is ideal for recognizing house numbers, street signs, details in shop windows or at exhibitions. For near vision it is ideal for reading timetables/street maps, small price labels, restaurant menus. Supplied in a handy microfibre pouch which can also be used for cleaning. Large easy-to-operate switch makes it simple to move between near and far settings and switching on illumination. Galilean system made of PXM® lightweight lenses. Aspheric-diffractive lens design. Lamp: white light LED, 52 mA. Requires two miniature batteries, 1.5 V, type AA included in delivery.
Ref: 151025
Last updated: 06/03/2007

Ideal for reading printed text such as bank statements, television guides, telephone books, etc. For binocular use. Features diffractive optics and is therefore extremely light. Each eyepiece can be adjusted separately. Adjustment of inter-pupillary distance from 54 - 74 mm. Dioptre compensation from 5 dpt. Objective diameter 26 mm. Ocular side prescription cannot be added. Galilean system featuring PXM® light-weight lenses. Aspheric-diffractive lens arrangement. Hard coated lenses. Sturdy carrier frame made from glass fibre reinforced plastic. Height-adjustable, comfortable saddle bridge. Metal temples, chrome-plated. Supplied in black zippered case.
Magnification: 2.5x
Weight: 0.04kg
Ref: 1638
Last updated: 06/03/2007

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